Ciara is served with a lawsuit while performing on stage


Ciara is served with a lawsuit while performing on stage

By Naturally Moi

     Ciara’s team probably felt that they could avoid lawsuits by keeping her from being served.  It’s tough to catch up with busy celebrities who have people all around them.  What they didn’t anticipate was the possibility that she could be served while doing what she does best:  Performing on stage.

During a performance at LA Pride, Ciara was given the surprise of her life. Right in the middle of the show, the singer was served with legal papers connected to a lawsuit that has been filed against her.  According to TMZ, Ciara is being sued by the Hit Factory or failing to show up for a performance she was scheduled to do recently.

Ciara’s team says that she told the club that she wouldn’t be performing, but they continued to promote her appearance anyway.

Right after getting the papers while performing on stage, Ciara threw the papers right back at the person who gave them to her.  Needless to say, it doesn’t sound like she was happy.

Ciara Princess Harris was born in Austin, Texas.  Her first solo album, “Goodies,” went triple platinum and won her four Grammy nominations. Since that time, each album has sold significantly less than the one before it.   Her team is hopeful that her latest projects will help to reverse that trend.  In other words, she is going to need to earn some money to pay all those legal fees.


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