Commander-In-Chief (Idiot)

      The President has said or done things which resulted in members of his cabinet labeling him as idiot or moron. The LDOCR, Dictionary defines an “idiot,” as a person who says or does stupid things. Using this definition, one could probably construct the following equation for an Idiot: Idiot= (person says + does stupid things)2.

Let’s apply this equation to the following actions and utterances of the President to determine its relevance: 1) proclaims covid-19 is a democratic hoax, 2) shared code-word information with Russia’s foreign ministers, 3) pulls out of the Paris climate accord because he thinks global warming is a hoax, 4 solicits foreign involvement in our elections, 5) compares COVID-19 to the flu, etc.

The Senate, even without this equation, had ample evidence to convict and remove this president from office, but didn’t. Consequently, America finds itself led by a president whose idiocy re-garding foreign affairs and COVID-19, endangers the Nation.

Just maybe, if a young child, perched on his father’s shoulder at a Trump’s rally yells, “the president is and idiot,” Republicans might acknowledge it’s true.

– John Johnson II

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