Contrast to Trump

He Said / She Said

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

He said: Pal, our current President has managed to dip below the performance approval rating of even President Bush.  Let me run a few facts by you. President George W. Bush did undeniably screw up the Iraq project. The only Weapons of Mass Destructions were found in my toilet [l.o.l] To my memory President Bush did not manage to get Impeached by Congress.

In fact a poll published in Time magazine stated Fifty-nine percent of Americans saw former President George W. Bush positively in June 2019, a new post-presidential high for the leader whose favorability rating stood at just 35 percent in 2009.

She said: How quickly we forget! Bush was dumb as a box of rocks, but if someone propped a speech in front of  “W”, he could manage to sound Presidential reading it! Stupidity is more forgivable than the all-encompassing corruption of Donald Trump.  Don to be blunt with the readers is the lack of Moral courage in the current Republican party. Remember when my former Governor of California [later President] stood up to Russia and said, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down these walls! Now our current President kneels and kisses the ring!  My, My, My!

He said:  Nicole, even the 2nd historical President to be Impeached in my forecast surpassed Trump in his approval rating upon exiting.  President Clinton finished with a Gallup poll approval rating of 65%, higher than that of every other departing President measured since Harry Truman. As he was leaving office, a CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup poll revealed 45% said they’d miss him.  Pal, how many voters will miss Trump??

She said: My guess would be the same 44% who approve of him now–the self-righteous pretend-Christians, and the gun-waving lunatics who promise another civil war if Trump is ousted. I miss the “no drama Obama” days, when other nations respected America and our citizens remembered their manners. You gotta wonder why Republicans think ignorance and lack of moral compass make for qualified leaders.

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