Course Ban Resisted–Students Threaten Suit

Capitol Rally

By Staff Writer

      More than 100 community leaders met at noon in Tallahassee Jan 25. They came despite severe storms and heavy rain, to the Florida Capitol to oppose Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banning an AP honors class in African American history. Their resolve was clearly stated to DeSantis via lots of news media: stop the course banning or Attorney Ben Crump may sue on behalf of high school honor students. A few days later the Florida NAACP meeting in Orlando committed also to suing DeSantis to about the course ban.

DeSantis appears to be using the issue, the attack AP African American history, to gas up a racist white base in a drive to become president of the United States in 2024. The attack may  backfire if resistance to DeSantis’ ban on the AP course continues to grow. In Philadelphia recently a large group   opposed to the ban protested a group honoring DeSantis.

The course, designed by the College Board, is as a national pilot elective for honor students only.

A Florida law passed last year and signed by DeSantis requires lessons on race be taught in an ‘objective manner” and not be used to “persuade students to a particular point of view”.

Senator Geraldine Thompson criticized DeSantis as hypocritical because Florida schools only teach Black history well in 12 of Florida’s 67 school districts. Black history has been required in all schools since 1994, a point made by Senator Thompson. The former educator said she will sponsor a law that will require teaching of Black history in all schools that receive public dollars.

Elijah Edwards, a tenth grader at Excell High School, said he had not learned much about Black history, except from his family.  Elijah is disappointed that Governor DeSantis blocked the advanced placement course in African American history. “Governor DeSantis is trying to shield us from the history and culture of our ancestors…I cannot believe that in 2023 our Governor is censoring education…I thought in this country we were committed to the free exchange of ideas.” He may sue DeSantis.

“There are other advanced placement history courses such as Advance Placement European History, AP US History, and AP World History, all predominantly generated towards white people” said high school junior Victoria McQueen, another potential plaintiff.

Senator Shervin (D-Broward) Jones rallied the group saying that DeSantis’ attack on Black history marks a resurgence of racism. “People across the country should be concerned about what legislators and governors are doing…If it can happen in Florida it can happen in Tennessee and Colorado. We will resist right here and right now.”

American Federation of Teachers, Secretary Treasurer Fedrick Ingram, gave a snapshot of the challenges on teachers who are withstanding DeSantis attacks in Florida classrooms.

“The teachers are afraid to teach honest history….Our history is good, bad, and ugly. All of it needs to be taught. Leave us alone. Let us do our job. Give us the resources we need.”

Mr. Ingram continued saying “Mr. DeSantis has banned books. Mr. DeSantis does not want us to teach honest history. Mr. DeSantis wants to scrub teachers’ voices. Teachers are in the classroom and are afraid to anything about what is happening to our children.

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