Local News

     The sand and wind are moving at warp speed creating tornado-like systems. Chairs were set out in a circle and the players went around while the music played. When the song stopped and the lights turned on, Dr. Valerie Wanza was seated in the acting Chief of Staff chair, Ernie Lozano was returned to his seat as Director of Behavior Threat Assessments, Dr. Ted Toomer plopped down in the seat as Associate Superintendent that Dr. Wanza vacated, and Michael Walker will be seated in two seats. You all remember Walker.  He is the Executive Director over Professional Learning, who didn’t apply for the job nor interview for the job and admits he knows nothing about the job. Well, Ol Peter is reporting that he is about to learn or be dragged out into public view. It was reported that he relied heavily on the skills of the directors beneath him. Now that Toomer is gone to be Acting Associate Superintendent, Walker gets to do the Director job that Toomer vacated.  […]