Dear Editor,

Dear-EditorDear Editor,

What really gives a good education its value is how one applies what he or she have learned by their implementation of their acquired knowledge amongst their own people. Conscious Black Americans would apply the benefit of their learning to help self and make contribution to the rise of their people.

To be socially conscious of the condition of our people actually hold the conscious Brother or Sister obligated to help our less fortunate Brothers and Sisters at the bottom of society. Those who have acquired education and wealth should contribute toward the elevation and development of their people. We are responsible to our people because we are conscious to the unjust condition that our group is struggling to overcome.

A good education should equip one with the kind of knowledge that can free one from the very condition that has enslaved one. However, a conscious person realizes that the enslaver who freed his slave physically is not going to give his ex-slave the kind knowledge or education that would de facto free the ex-slave especially when the ex-slave is more of a slave servant “freed” than he were as a slave in chains.

Hardly anything of good we acquire from academic education certainly does not affect the Black community significantly to affect the kind of change that could offer a mere face lift, and with more Black Americans graduating and going to college and acquiring academic degrees would seem that their learning would have an effect on the condition of our people or does it?

It is understandable how a Brother or Sister in the predominant Black com-munity whose without consciousness, education, or cultivation could remain in such horrible situation when many of our fortunate Brothers and Sisters would alienate themselves from the problem and the people that they should be testing the benefit of their education on. If the Black educated or college degreed Brothers and Sisters cannot apply or will not apply their education to up-lift their people, then for what purpose or for whom does education of Black-Americans serve?

How shameful of many of us who would contribute all our education, cultivation, and resources in the service of corporate America and the white ethnic community, but our own ethnic community is neglected because we give more consideration to others than what we should give to ourselves to be as prosperous in America as those we consider to be more worthy than our selves. Just because a Brother or Sister is educated or has a college degree or is wealthy does not necessarily mean that that Brother or Sister is sensitive to their people’s struggle, or acquire education and wealth to serve their people. In fact, some of the most unsympathetic and unpatriotic amongst our group have education and wealth. If the truth be told, many of that class of Black- Americans contribute to the perpetuation of their people’s social and economic plight.

Think about this. When one consider the degrees Black-Americans ac-quire from the colleges and universities of America, their degrees have the same affect that our collective wealth have on the Black community, a minimum affect. There are many Black Americans educated and trained in fields of learning that could very well serve to up lift the Black community if only they were conscious and their education formulated to serve self and kind that their people may find a modicum of hope through those who come back to the suffering Black community and offered it. Our acquired education must be formulated to serve our people.

Harold Puckett

Boynton Beach, Fla.


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