Devils in Blue Shirts

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      In the United States, racial hatred has made it extremely dangerous for African Americans to walk, to jog, to run, to bird watch, to bar-b-que, to drive, to talk and to sleep in your car or in your own bed!

The devil is horrendous and scary, and especially be afraid of the devils in blue shirts.

Not every law enforcement official, or other individual that dresses in blue attire is satanic, but what do you call a cop that took an oath to protect you and serve you that will shoot into a vehicle of innocent Black citizens and then shoot an unarmed man two times in the back and when the gunshot victim is on the ground, the devilish cop walks up to him and apparently kicks the life out of him to make sure that he dies?

The first thing a devilish policeman says when he murders a Black person is, “I was in fear of my life.”

Why? Because the devils in blue shirts want to convince the public that murder victims are the criminals and the murder perpetrating cops are always the victimized Angels.

When the Atlanta police officer killed a Black man for falling asleep and was subsequently and rightfully charged with murder, more than a few of his devilish coworkers decided to protest the actions by Atlanta prosecutors.

The friends of the killer cops decided to not respond to legitimate police calls or to refuse to come to work at all.

If you don’t know, the so called “Blue Flu” happens a lot when righteous citizens or fearless prosecutors seek the truth about devilish police misconduct allegations.

All Americans should be concerned that police and other law enforcement agencies are permeated with white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazis and devils in blue shirts that have hate for Blacks and all other people of color.

The Police Benevolent Association is the labor union that represents most law enforcers. They represent police in labor negotiations, they represent the police in local, state, and federal government issues, they represent police in police shootings, they represent police, in civil and criminal legal proceedings and in other matters.

And, like I’ve often said, elected officials usually rubber stamp whatever the PBA wants government officials to do.

Politicians don’t question police tactics and they don’t try hard to discipline police employees.

If devils in blue shirts say they want military weapons like tanks and armored vehicles, they get them. If they want chemical agents like pepper spray or tear gas, they get those too.

If police want vicious dogs to use to attack peaceful protestors, it’s cool with the councilmen or commissioners.

What the people want is simple, to me. The people want police to get the same penalties and punishment that the people who pay their salaries get for the same crimes and/or misdeeds.

If you can get the death penalty for the wrongful killing of a lawman, police officers should get the same fate for violating laws and police procedures in the wrongful killing of civilians and citizens!

I get nervous every time I come in contact with a police officer. I’m not afraid of police but I know I could be beaten, shot, choked of killed in someway for no apparent reason. I, and people that look like me, are the people that should fear for their lives when they interact with devils in blue shirts.

Support the law abiding and good police officers in your communities. At the same time, be careful when dealing with officers who believe they are Quick Draw McGraw.

Perhaps, killing when “scared” is good for the geese and the ganders.

No, that may not be the best action to take. Just protect yourself at all times!


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