Every encounter matters

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Every encounter matters

“So Ananias left and went into the house. And he laid his hands on Saul and said, Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, Who appeared to you along the way by which you came here, has sent me that you may recover your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Acts 9:17(AMP)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

As I was sleeping I dreamed of some people that I had not seen in over 40 years. Mind you these people were not close to me, they were just some people that I had met along my life’s journey.

Now, after 40 years, they seemed to be summoned into the privacy of my content like a seed in the garden bursting through the ground; one will never know the satisfaction until the outcome fills the plate and satisfies the palate.

Once I was awake, I’m wondering what was the reason that they, at this moment, resurfaced in a progression of human figures that come to me unwillingly; in my sleep none the less.

It was not a bad dream it was pleasant. I thought to myself wow, man I haven’t seen you guys in years- how are you?

It’s not like these people were close friends of mine that I have kept in contact with; I don’t know where they are or even know if they live here in Fort Lauderdale or not.

However, seeing them in my dream really laid heavy on me and starting me thinking about how people touch our lives and it’s not until they are gone that we kinda remember them.

We don’t even thank them or say how we appreciated whatever small gesture they may have added to who we have become.

At that time we might not have known that such a brief encounter would later come to preoccupy and hold captive our thoughts; to make us take a closer look at those we would later encounter in life and make us appreciate them more.

How they made us feel at that time, believe it or not, made input to who we are today.

I know now what the reason was for those faces to  come back in my feelings, because they touched the course of my life like a ripple on a pond-the slightest movement causes something to be in motion.

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians that ever lived Sir Isaac Newton put it this way in his first Law of Motion: “An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” This law is often called “the law of inertia”.

I surmised that the channeling of people who touched me briefly in my past, that visited me recently like Jacob Marley and the three ghosts in A Christmas Carol did cold hearted Ebenezer Scrooge was to remind me that everybody has a part to play in each other’s lives.

We should, no matter how miniscule or how far-reaching an impact a person has made on our life, we should at least acknowledge them and express our sentiments in a manner that will foster the fruits of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control               — Galatians 5:22

My mother, before she died said to us that life is just too short. So many times we hear that expression but do we really take into account what is being said?

By whose account and what circumstances, what predicament, what situations have accumulated in our lives and by who’s sum total makes one see and therefore appreciate that life is too short; what accumulation of such trials and tribulations accord  in relationship to the timeframe of too short?

If life is truly too short, then let’s greet each encounter with a warm embrace and a salutation of a biblical kiss.

     “Dear God in our time on earth teach us how to value the time we spend with each other, either planned time or by a chance encounter allow our meetings to be recognized by all as a God send. Amen.”

                                                             — Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

God is the needed encounter for all of us to run into.



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