Fake News Network

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine

       He said:  Roger Ailes the muse for Fox News, may God rest his soul, has to be credited for creating a juggernaut of fiction.  Can you imagine if Nixon had access to a media platform like Fox during his impeachment trial? If you ask me, he would not have needed a pardon by President Ford.

That crew of news anchors, led by Sean Hannity, is very persuasive.  If you get caught up in that vortex of efficacious commentary you may wonder if the sky is really blue.

She said:  I used to think Trump was simply a lying con man, but I’ve come to believe he’s drunk his own Kool-Aid! Remember the Jim Jones cult?.  First off, Sean Hannity is NOT a news anchor, he’s an entertainer, unconstrained by facts. Anyone who takes his BS seriously has a screw loose.

Even worse, “Faux” News and the President operate in a closed loop. Hannity says some hare-brained thing, Trump repeats it and Hannity reports the President saying it. Now Trump TRULY believes it because he heard himself quoted on Fox! This, from the man who describes himself as a “Very Stable Genius.”

This phenomenon is so dangerous, because 40% of the population is gullible enough to believe it too. What happened to truth and reality??

He said:  To answer your question, “Click your heels Dorothy, your not in Kansas anymore!”  All that is being postured by this network is a window to capture eyeballs. Viewers equal ratings; that translates into advertising revenue.

According to TVNewser, a top arbiter for t.v. ratings, in prime time Fox News was No. 1 with nearly 4 million total viewers. Hannity had the top show (4.4 million viewers), while Tucker Carlson was No. 2 (3.97 million).  P.T. Barnum was prescient when he said “there is a sucker born every minute”. “Faux” news would program paint drying if it got ratings!

She said: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nitwits are comical, until their voting choices shoot ALL of us in the foot.

Wake up, people–FACTS MATTER!


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