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First year anniversary of the Community Empowerment Center

Chris  Paterson (l) President & CEO Sunshine Health and Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh, president & CEO Urban League of Broward

Chris Paterson (l) President & CEO Sunshine Health and Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh, president & CEO Urban League of Broward

First year anniversary of the Community Empowerment Center

By Ciera Campbell and A’Nassya Bruton

On June 8, 2013 the Urban League of Broward County celebrated a year in their new building in the historic Sistrunk District of Fort Lauderdale by having the building named.  Currently located just off Sistrunk Boulevard, behind the African American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC). This location was specifically chosen because they wanted to create a campus with the Reverend Samuel Delevoe Park and AARLCC.

The Urban League’s Community Empowerment Building has received a new name, “The Sunshine Health Community Empowerment Building”.

Sunshine Health donated two million dollars to the Urban League in hopes of informing  Broward County residents about careers, health education and job retaining services.

According to state representative Hazelle Rogers, “Every child deserves a backyard.” The Sunshine Health Community Empowerment Building provides a safe and informational environment  year round.

A part of the Urban Leagues’ mission is to bring education, jobs, housing, and health awareness to the communities.

The activities in the empowerment building hopes to address and change the high percentages of health problems in Black residents of Broward County.

Residents of Broward County enjoyed other benefits at the naming ceremony. Children had their faces painted while others listened to live music and some participated in a Zumba class swaying their hips to the upbeat of Latin music.

It is hopeful that all of this works pays off one day in that the increase in high frequencies of certain diseases are decreased in the area.

The Sunshine Health team decided that one day is too far away.

City of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner, Bobby Dubose recognized that this building was open to the community for community use.

“This empowerment building event does not just serve professional activities but personal events such as baby showers and wedding receptions.”

There were plenty of sponsors and other organizations in attendance like the Men’s Cancer Awareness program.

The Men’s Cancer Awareness program is located in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County. Their purpose is to bring awareness to men about their health.

Overall, the Urban League seems to be doing their job in the community especially with their AIDS United Program they just launched in March of this year.

This program helps teens and young adults understand how HIV/AIDS works, how they can and should protect themselves and how they can inform others.

That’s not all the Urban League is up to; according to State Representative Gwyndolen Clark-Reed, “The Urban League has  become the new African American hub of culture, and I just want them to be vibrantly known in the community.”

The Urban League is doing the best they can to promote themselves wisely with all of their new and upcoming programs across Broward County.

The President and CEO Dr. Germaine Smith- Baugh states, “We are focused on promoting social and economic equality, self sufficiency, stability, and stronger families.”

Their other programs include housing, job training and education. The Urban League is doing all they can to help their community strive, thrive, and live better. Remember, for one to receive a hand they must lend one.

Smith-Baugh, persuades her department to work for the children not a paycheck.” Broward County residents should expect a bright future because of what is occurring in the Sunshine Health Empowerment Building.”

Give back to the community!

     Summer interns Ciera Campbell and A’Nassya  Bruton are  both students at Florida A&M University seeking a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism.


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