Frightened whites love conservatism

Kevin Palmer

 By Kevin Palmer

In his book, Black Labor, White Wealth, Dr. Claud Anderson explained, “In times of civil turmoil the privileged class appeals to conservatism to reassert supremacy of white authority and its exclusive claim to power and wealth. Their attitude towards Blacks is, “If you don’t have it, we’re not going to let you get it.”

A typical conservative is Georgia Republican Congressman Rick Allen. In a Fox News opinion article titled, Democrats should join Republicans in condemning lawlessness and supporting police, Congressman Allen stated, “America is not perfect. America is a land full of opportunity and it is worth defending. Leaders [must] uphold law and order.”  Conservatives interpret that to mean the institution of slavery was necessary for whites to have privilege, wealth, and opportunity. White domination is worth defending even if Blacks are needlessly killed by police.

Instead of understanding, Congressman Allen is using the protests to win over frightened white conservative voters.

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