Funding Financial Literacy

Positivity Pays Founders Ramon Robinson (left) and  Brandon Freeny (right) with Dillard High School head coach Tyler Tate (center).

“Trailblazing Hip Hop Artist Strategically Invest in Crypto, Funding Financial Literacy Program and Opening Investment Accounts For High School Athletes”

 Image growing up fulfilling your dreams of becoming a successful athlete or performer. What about receiving an inheritance once you reach adulthood, catapulting you into financial freedom? You keep your promise to buy homes and cars and expensive gifts for family and friends and within a year or so, you find yourself looking at a bank ledger with a zero balance. Unfortunately, this has been the recurring cycle for many athletes, specifically those of color, due in part to the lack of financial literacy.

For decades, there has been a history of talented athletes earning insurmountable salaries overnight, then ultimately finding themselves struggling financially. This has inspired Hip Hop Artist, Mentor, Community Leader and Author, Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson and his business partner and Co-Founder of Positivity Pays, Brandon Freeny to team up with thewith the Community Education Alliance (CEA) to address this issue head on. “Community, Credit and Crypto” is a program to educate youth in our community about various aspects of financial literacy. The program will consist of budgeting, saving, insurance, retirement, credit, entrepreneurship and investing (in the stock market and crypto).

Not only does this six-week program provide information that can change the narrative about how communities of color manage their money, it will help to forge innovative approaches to promoting economic mobility for our youth.

Throughout the sessions, students will speak to investors and entrepreneurs who look like them – some who have had first hand experiences mentioned above. By the end of this program, each participant will gain an understanding of how to save, invest, and preserve financial assets.

To jump start this process, the “Community, Credit and Crypto’’ team will provide $100 for each student to open their own investment accounts. Follow @positivitypays @teamabsoloot and @communityeducationalliance as they lead our youth on this incredible journey to financial freedom.

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