Gazette Author’s Memoir Tackles Climate Change

    Westside Gazette writer Audrey Peterman has released an updated version of her 2019 Memoir “From My Jamaican Gully to the World” which includes a response to the most pressing developments that have happened since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

In “From My Jamaican Gully to the World and Back!” Mrs. Peterman shares how the effects of sea level rise which she has been writing about since the turn of the century are now being felt by people on the coasts and in vulnerable areas.

By sharing her idyllic life in Jamaica now living in front of the Blue Mountains National Park, Mrs. Peterman shows that “you can go back home again,” whether that’s a foreign country or a different state. She exults over the freedom, comfort and enjoyment that awaits travelers to America’s national parks.

Mrs. Peterman offers 10 Tips to help prepare for climate change and to increase your chances of keeping your family safe from predictable effects.

The book is available now as an audiobook in her voice, an ebook, paperback, and solitary chapter from her website www.

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