Letter to Editor

By Jake Pickering

     The censured, failed fascist Republican congressman from Arizona – Paul Gosar – and that other moronic Republican crackpot congresscritter from Georgia – Marjorie Taylor Greene – are the ugly racist faces of the modern-day GOP. Abraham Lincoln must be spinning in his grave! Where’s Union General William Tecumseh Sherman when you need him? (Sherman’s probably lighting Robert E. Lee on fire in Hell at this moment.)

It’s long past time to send an unmistakable message to these would-be White supremacist insurrectionists. Not for one minute would I actually believe any of these Trumptarded traitors are superior to anyone or actually capable of learning anything, but by making a cautionary example of these insane idiots we the people can make it clear to future generations that there will be a steep price to pay for treason. Lock them up! (At the very least.)

Prior to their felonious, anti-Constitutional criminal behavior in the Capitol on January 6th and before, pathetic Paul Gosar and promiscuous Marjorie Traitor Greene actually attempted to create a neo-Nazi GOP White supremacy caucus in the people’s House of Representatives called the “America First “Caucus. Sound familiar?

Yes, that’s right (and extremely right-wing). “America First,” which of course was pro-Hitler Nazi son-of-a-Republican congressman Charles Lindbergh’s infamous conservative political organization advocating an alliance between America and Nazi Germany during World War II.  You are of course aware of the treasonous, murderous, anti-Semitic origin of traitor Trump’s favorite fascist political slogan “America First,” aren’t you? (Perhaps not.)

And as for the chutzpah of these inbred human Picasso paintings… please! As a young child back in the 1970s, I had a pet rock whose IQ was higher than Gosar, Greene & Trump’s combined. These clueless conservative racist troglodytes are prime examples of the fact that so-called racial superiority is a myth and nothing more, much like disgusting Donald Trump’s mythic mail order marriage to sexy Slavic red sparrow Melania Trump. FREE MELANIA!



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