“Green Book” Hollywood Subtle Racism

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting
Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

He said:  It’s appalling this historically incorrect movie won the best picture of the year for the Academy awards. White folks still don’t rationally understand the nuances of the irony of their efforts.

The members of the Academy voted on this not “Sterling” movie to try and balance the bad press that Blacks have not been getting enough representation.  The Softball choice for Best Picture would have been “Black Panther”. Instead, they gave a left handed slap by giving it to a movie showing again A WHITE MAN HAVING TO SAVE THE HELPLESS BLACKIE!

It is incredulous to believe that the Black pianist would need to be counseled on how to navigate around his own Black community or know the need for the “Green Book”!

She said: Everything is in “the eye of the beholder”, my friend.

I saw it differently, and thoroughly enjoyed the karma of a White man doing menial labor for a Black man! As the story unfolds, we realize that each man “saves” the other in an equal and reciprocal fashion. Accurate history is less important here than the concept of human engagement, especially now as a counterpoint to the current political turbulence. The topic and timing are probably not a coincidence–I think this movie should be required viewing for White folks!

He said:  What gives me anxiety Nicole is that the male and females that understand the incongruity of the film will not need to be spoon fed the message.  The people that don’t acknowledge their racial intolerance will never understand the problem with the theme of this film.

She said: Granted, but let’s face it–no rabid bigot is going to willingly attend a lecture series about the Jim Crow South! However, set him in front of a big screen with a box of popcorn in his hands and he might inadvertently learn something. In your shoes, I’d be wildly impatient waiting for these boneheads to catch up. While they may not be capable of swallowing the whole enchilada at once, small bites are far more digestible!


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