Growing the Voices of Our Future

 In a joint effort to get students involved with the Children Services Council’s 2019 Broward AWARE! Protecting OUR Children campaign: Growing the Voices of Our Future, the Westside Gazette will engage youth in a photovoice (photojournalism) project.  The youth will tell their stories through the written word and through the lens of cameras they will operate as  photojournalists focusing on but not limited to the Broward AWARE campaign.

 Children Services Council hosts family fun and resource fair

Petra Gunn

By Petra Gunn

Brielle Henry, 10

Photo by Brielle D. Henry

      This year’s Protecting Our Children campaign presents a fun and informative day the whole family can enjoy. In partnership with a number of other organizations, the event tackles topics ranging from child abuse to dental health. Local families are offered the opportunity to explore, learn and take advantage of various programs and services that encourage residents and local businesses to connect.

For 11 years, the Children’s Services Council (CSC) has been championing the public awareness game with a day of music, activities, prizes, and networking opportunities for locals to enjoy. Andrew Leone, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at the CSC of Broward County, says that it is the organization’s responsibility to shed light on taboo subjects and services open to youth.

“The biggest challenge is making sure that the entire com-munity is aware that these events are happening. The name of our campaign is Broward AWARE! Protecting Our Children and it is all about raising awareness. There are a lot of programs and resources that are available if only people knew that they were. There is a lot of information here related to mental and behavioral health and the juvenile justice system for example. It is important that this information is shared so that it is no longer a taboo conversation,” he said.

The free event is held every year at Delevoe Memorial Park. In an effort to prevent child abuse and neglect, for four hours, attendees visit business booths, enjoy refreshments, mini-workshops, and tips to support economic wellness and strengthen families. One local resident said that the event impacts her by teaching her something new every time she attends.

“I used to work at this park and I retired here. So anytime they have a function, I like to come out and see what is happening in the community. You get a lot of information about what’s going on and you learn something new every time you come,” Sally Inman said.


Safety and protection of children

Layla Davidson, 13

By Layka Davidson

On Saturday, April 13, 2019 a fun-filled family event took place at Delevoe Memorial Park.  It was hosted by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County and many other community partners. The event brought awareness to the safety and protection of children and youth in our community. It was great being a part of something that focused on the young people of our community.


College Readiness

Cosey Proctor, III- 15

By Cosey Proctor, III

Many teenagers aren’t prepared when it comes to getting ready for college.  Some students are at a disadvantage compared to those with ample economic and social resources.

All teens must know that the admission process is not as easy as it seems.  The stress of completing applications, writing an essay and creating an eye-catching resume cause people to panic.

A scandal, reported by the New York Times as “In what the Justice Department called its largest ever college admissions prosecution”, “alleges that 50 people took part in a nationwide scheme to “game the admissions process at highly competitive schools.”

The scandal gained national notoriety because it involved some high-profile individuals that were accused of bribing officials to inflate test scores and fabricating student accomplishments.

The sheer fact of these alleged acts shows how competitive applying to colleges has become. The recent college admissions scandal involving high profile individuals has intensified the scrutiny of the application process.

At a young age parents teach their children that education is the ticket to a successful future.  However, now many “regular” students are left to pause and wonder if their studying and hard work will be enough to level the playing field. Some may even ask the question “why even bother?”





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