BSO’s Sheriff Tony Meets with Broward County Black Elected Officials

     Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony’s planned meeting on Saturday with members of Broward County Black Elected Officials and other community leaders was intended to be another opportunity for him to get better acquainted and hear their concerns. But, a Black teenager’s rough arrest by deputies in a local McDonald’s parking lot on Thursday, and a widely shared video of it, put a test on the young relationship. […]


Student gets face slammed into asphalt by deputy, now what

    Several community leaders, clergy and parents have been extremely outspoken concerning the conduct of these deputies who are shown on video pepper-spraying, body slamming and punching students and forcefully smashing one face into the asphalt. This all occurred at a McDonald’s restaurant near J.P. Taravella High school. Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony recently stated he would have a “thorough investigation” concerning the deputies response to this situation. […]


Is More Attention Finally Being Given to Missing Black Girls?

  “And even within that, while this nation espouses the valuing of children in general, this does not appear to be the reality as evidenced by the failure to act in the face of the onslaught of mass school shootings from Sandy Hook to Stoneman Douglas where the majority of those killed were middle class white youth,” Dunn said.

     “Therefore, we see less media attention paid to missing children, particularly those of color,” he said. […]