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Has President Obama silenced Black voices?

Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Has President Obama silenced Black voices?

By Lucius Gantt

      The United States President is sometimes called “The leader of the free world” but what has he done to the African American world?

Ever since President Obama’s election as the country’s 44th President, his voice has been escalated and Black community voices have been somewhat silenced.

There is no better time for Black American voices than now!

Its Halloween time and far too many African Americans are extremely scared!

Organizations like the NAACP, the SCLC, the Urban League, the Rainbow Coalition, Black churches, Black Masonic groups, Black fraternities and Black sororities have gone into hiding, so to speak.

Where are the strong voices that speak out on murders in the Black community, which group is talking about foreclosures and gentrification in the Black community, what Black organization is standing up and speaking out about Black unemployment and who is fighting for Black businesses to get more opportunities in public, government and private company purchasing transactions?

Is racism over since a man of African descent was elected President of the United States? Are we no longer victims of law enforcement misconduct and brutality? Do Africans worldwide have a sense of security regarding the assassinations of the leaders and predator drone strikes on their women and children?

Do Black people enjoy equal rights and justice anywhere on the globe as a result of President Obama’s election and re-election?

I think not!

Don’t get it Chubby Checkered and twist the facts, I and all Blacks are proud of President Obama and we are glad he is in office.

However, I and some others are concerned that the President’s election has been deemed as “all we need”.

Weak, frightened and timid African Americans believe that just because the President won’t stand up and speak out strongly on issues of extreme importance to African Americans, all Africa Americans should be silent about injustice, quiet about mistreatment and zipped lipped about continued exploitation of our communities.

The Black organizations, groups and individuals that we expect to stand up for us are scared to protest, scared to oppose, scared to disagree, scared to confront and scared to respond and be responsible!

I don’t expect President Obama to do everything. I’m smart enough to know he is not the President for Blacks; he is the President for every citizen in the United States.

It is that reason we need action and activity for all Black community members.

I can see why modern day Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas are afraid to do what needs to be done, but I wish we would understand we need help from everybody.

There’s no problem with loving President Obama and loving Minister Louis Farrakhan. You can like the National Action Network and the New Black Panther Party.

Black people should love the people, the leaders and the organizations that love Black people.

We need scholars and we need statesmen like the President, but we also need militants, radicals and modern day revolutionaries to stand up and speak out when the President cannot discuss certain topics.

President Obama may be leader of the free world but the leader of the streets will come from the street in all probability. Even Jesus Christ was born in a manger! (Buy Gantt’s latest book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major bookstore. Like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at



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