Have our leaders forsaken the essence of good leadership?

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“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

 By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

It seems the longevity of leaders is waning, and the people’s acceptance to embracing new ideals is based on social media instead of a proven track record. The foundation of great leadership lies in unity and genuine concern for fighting for the causes of their constituents . Despite noble efforts, critics persist, and societal standards sometimes perpetuate inequality.

In the fray of challenges and inequality, the leader must remain resilient, drawing strength from those heroes and sheros that believed that before they would be a slave, they would rather be buried in their grave. Taking a stand for truth, even when unpopular, attracts challenges which should be met with righteousness and hope for the hopeless. The quest for common ground, equality, and justice calls for an unwavering commitment that you said you would do on your campaign trial, with speeches of what seems  now futile.

Unchecked desires have led to arrogance and campaign goals deferred. Shared responsibility is crucial when leadership falters, yet one’s belief in weak leadership bends like a noodle in hot water. Selflessness and adherence to a higher purpose foster growth, love for others, and lasting impact. Aligning with divine will transcend obstacles, ensuring actions directed by Holy Intervention.

In a world starving for unselfish motives, communities need leaders driven by righteousness. “Just a closer walk with Thee”,  reveals talents that radiate humility and consideration for others. Leaders and members alike should prioritize each other, eradicating the need for unnecessary frustrations.

Have our leaders overlooked the essence of effective leadership? The tenure of ineffective leaders should be like ham hocks at a soul food gathering – gone quickly. Know-it-all leaders cling to the status quo, resist new approaches and pay no attention to average citizens. Unity and genuine concern for the “people” is paramount.

Despite a strong effort, critics persist, examining even the most selfless undertakings looking to see if you are sincere. A leader’s actions are not swayed by others’ perceptions, while piloting through official entanglements and contending with twisted measures.

A great leader should press on, bearing scars as badges of courage and not cow down because they are outnumbered by the “otherside”. Drawing strength from promises like “never leave nor forsake you,” leaders should confront challenges without time for reconsideration. Taking a stand for truth attracts opposition, yet you must  remain right.

The quest for common ground in the pursuit of equality and justice persists. Those familiar with the struggle understand the peculiar challenges that arise at midnight.

Unrestrained desires lead to arrogance and uncertainty, hindering organizational goals. Malfunctions necessitate shared responsibility, emphasizing the detrimental impact of unchecked selfishness.

Every leader should embrace meekness, selflessness, and divine guidance. Being Spiritually led, God fosters lasting change, the ability to overcome obstacles through faith with Holy direction.

Communities worldwide require unselfish leaders acting for the greater good of ALL, and there should be a mutual respect for each.

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