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Helping hands are generators powered by love

Wardell-and-sisterHelping hands are generators powered by love

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr., Publisher of the Westside Gazette Newspaper

On last Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, 25 homeowners who were victims of hurricane Irma including seniors and single heads of households with children, received gas generators donated by Chris Bennett Enterprises Charities, a Seattle, Washington based nonprofit organization.

John-Diaz-FedEx-driver-takeAs the generators arrived on the afternoon before, only the FedEx driver John Diaz was there to unload them.

John was obviously tired, sweating profusely he unloaded 15 generators by himself.

genaratorsAfter a brief conversation and a bottle of cold water I was able to restore his faith and energy when I explained to him who the generators were for.

With a heavy Hispanic accent John said “Oh, my friend no problem I work hard.”

bROTHER-wARD-AND-vERN-CARRIAs John rested two other helpers came, John Boldon and Vern Dooling.

Not asking any questions they both dove into the project.

John Boldon’s comment when asked what made him help was, “my experience tells me just to be a loyal and commendable servant in the kingdom of God.  That is my secret to success.”

Paul-and-Rev-hopkins-carry-As they unloaded the remaining generators their conversation was centered on “serving as God would have it.”

Vern then chimed in with, “Bobby you and Mr. Bennett are truly serving your communities and I don’t mind lending some of my sweat helping”.

The Westside Gazette Newspaper was able to partner with Mr. Bennett who is also the owner and Publisher of the Seattle Medium Media Group, they both are members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association(NNPA) the Black Press of America.

loading-up-gensFor over 30 years, Chris Bennett Enterprises Charities, Inc., (CBEC) , working with community-based organizations and leaders in distressed areas, has provided emergency aid during natural disasters and emergency situations like the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Katrina; most recently the flood victims in Louisiana and Hattiesburg, Mississippi —and now, hurricanes, in Florida.

It was now Florida’s turn to be added to the list of benefactors of CBEC. Victims in South Florida who were devastated by hurricane Irma’s disastrous effects received some new invigorated power not only in the physical sense but in lessons that demonstrates the humanitarian essence of what being human is all about.

Citizens-paintently-waitAs we prepared to give out the generators we formed a big circle and begin to pray to which, everybody was in agreeance.

“You never know where your blessings are coming from or when they may come. I just received one from Mr. Bobby Henry of the Westside Gazette, in the form of a brand new generator,” stated Ronald B. Higgs of Bethel  AME in Pompano Beach Florida.

Throughout the afternoon this spirit of humility in sharing was the umbilical cord that seemed to bind today’s activity.

Ms-Brown“We got this, come on Brother Ware grab that end, move out the way ladies”, could be heard coming from Deacon Paul Fields of New Hope Baptist Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida as he and Brother Ware loaded another generator into a waiting car.

Dorothy Brown the first person to call into the Westside Gazette when she read the article ‘Generators for Irma survivors’.

Ms. Brown a member of New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida is willing to share her generator.

As she wiped away tears Ms. Brown said, “This generator Paul-and-Vernwill help me and my grandson who I adopted when his mother died. I’m 82 years old and I really appreciate the Westside Gazette and Mr. Chris Bennett. All glory to God and his goodness. I feel so blessed to be able to get one of these generators because I lost all of my food and sweated the entire time when power was lost. It is a blessing not only for me but I will share it with my neighbor. “

It was as if the birds were singing praises in the voices of the recipients of the generators.

“Thank you so much again, Bro. Bobby for reaching out through the Westside Gazette for our seniors so they can benefit from the generosity extended to our area. Thank you for what you are doing in the community.

“Now about the donation of the generators…

Rev-Hopikns-and-members“The two seniors that I picked from our church really needed the generators badly. They have homes full of people and when there is no power they all huddle together in darkness. One of them have a few disabled family members living in her house and she is very poor. She has no car to even get to church we have to pick her up every Sunday. But she has very strong faith in God.

“So at the end of the storm you brought them blessings and in place of darkness you have brought them light. Thank you very much.” — Rev. Simon Osunlana, Saint John Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

THe-group-getting-ready-to-The heavens seem to comply with serving those who were in need when it allowed the rains to stop falling as the generators were passed out. There were smiles and tears of joy from those who receive the generators.

Boby Harden, a senior said, “I was out of power for seven days I’m a cancer survivor and I have high blood pressure so this generator will be of great help. I also have a 93-year-old neighbor of who we can share this generator so it’s a blessing I want to thank Mr. Bennett and you from the Westside Gazette for what you’re doing to help those in need.”

Vern-and-Rev-OsunlaThe money that was raised to purchase and distribute these generators and to give power to the families in need at this time was raised from a go fund me account( and you still can’t contribute to that account.

“Florida get hurricanes, Seattle get earthquakes; both are subject to emergency aid during natural disasters and emergency situations.   Hopefully, our token of hurricane relief will spark future plans of interest for readiness preparedness for these types of nature disasters in the communities we serve. May God’s Blessings be bestowed on all of you as you come and go in your hurricane recovery efforts” Chris H. Bennett, Chairperson and Publisher Emeritus

Bobby-and-John-Bolden-inspeThe funds are being raised by Chris Bennett enterprise charities a Seattle base nonprofit organization which raises money for scholarships and also has a 40+ year history of working with his local community to provide coaching clothing and toys for families in need.

“It is an honor for us to be able to partner with Mr. Bennett and serve doing all of these great things bringing smiles and tears of joy to do many people.” Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

“Thanks be to God; at this great event today a lot of hearts were warmed. God is good. A simple act of kindness goes a long way.” –Vern Dooling

The citizens who received the generators were chosen based upon their needs by different churches who responded to the article in the Westside Gazette throughout the communities.

“It is always a pleasure to work in collaboration with people who genuinely care for the community. Mr. Bobby Henry and the Westside Gazette have always placed the concern and welfare of the community as top priority. Most recently he was able to provide brand new free generators to members of my congregation. I am extremely grateful for his act of kindness shown to my members and myself. May God continue to bless you and the entire Westside Gazette family. You all are not talking about making a difference. You make the difference.” God Bless Pastor Eddy Moïse Bethel AME Church Pompano

People who were in need from South Florida to the keys were able to benefit from the generous donation of the generators from CBEC.

Gloria B. Harper who came to pick up two generators for families down in Key West said , “they lost all their goods they were without power for  about a week so these generators will be more than a blessing, they are life savers, thank you to all who made this happen.”

The underlining sentiment of today’s activities we’re not about self but about serving others.

tHE-tHOMASes-from-MtIris Greenleaf proudly stated that she was willing to share her blessings. “I’m passing this generator on to my elderly aunt she’s 93 and if I should lose power I’ll go stay with her but she truly, truly needs it.”

“Bobby, we are thankful that God blessed us, Chris Bennett Enterprises Charities, Inc., (CBEC) with the means to generate interests in fund raising efforts in providing these Blessings – generators – in Central Broward County and other areas of South Florida for hurricane relief efforts. All across these United States, the Black Press of America has a strong network of togetherness and having “your back” in times of need. We are so grateful that our long time partners and community advocate, The Westside Gazette Newspaper, owned by our longtime great friends, the Levi Henry, Jr. Family, and showed Christ-Like grace and mercy in helping fulfill these Blessings to these families. On behalf of our Seattle Medium Newspaper Group, Kris Bennett Broadcast, Inc., CBEC and greater Black communities of Seattle-Tacoma-Portland, Oregon; we are blessed to present these families with generators, blessings that, undoubtedly, will keep on blessing these targeted families – the elders and single head of households with children – for many years to come.” Chris Bennett, Sr.

“To all those who participated in this activity from those who gave their financial donations, the FedEx driver who was willing to unload all the generators by himself, to those who help to unload, to those who came to pick up generators for others, to the deacons from the various churches to the pastors and to the people who receive the generators, may God continue to bless you so richly and that you continue to share with others God bless you all and thank you.”  — Bobby R. Henry, Sr. 

     “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

 Matthew 25:40(KJV)

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