Herschel’s Monologue Seals Fate

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

Herschel Walker, bless his soul, took it upon himself to reveal to Republican voters and white supremacists that he’s the most unfit candidate chosen by Trump to run for office. To demonstrate his unfitness, as well as level of literacy, for office, he delivered a monologue at a rally about vampires and werewolves. This monologue made far less sense than  Trump’s continued beliefs of a stolen 2020  presidential.

Herschel repeatedly told the crowd that he couldn’t resist watching a stupid movie about fictional villains. Georgia’s voters should ask, “Was the movie stupid or the person who didn’t have enough sense to change the channel?”

Of the two villains, Herschel stated he would rather be a werewolf because they kill vampires. Can you  imagine Herschel giving an impromptu speech on the floor of the Capitol?

Herschel’s gaffes  are so ridiculous that voters should be alarmed. His statement that , “Reduction Act doesn’t  help  Americans because a lot of money is going to trees, and we have enough trees,” reveals his inability to intelligently criticize legislation. His level of mental  unfitness for the job as a senator was convincing when he asserted, “inflation affect women more because they gotta buy groceries.”

These gaffes as well as the werewolf and vampires’ monologue should raise serious concerns as to whether Herschel is suffering from any injuries sustained during his football career. Unfortunately, far too many  former pro football players are suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

If Herschel is suffering from any past injuries sustained during his football career, Republicans as well as  Georgia voters should be more concerned  about his health, rather than electing  him to a position he appears unfit to fill.

Consequently, Georgia’s Republican voters shouldn’t allow Ex-president Trump to duped them  into voting for Herschel Walker. However, shame on you  if you’re willing  to give Trump control of your votes and minds.

It has been reported that Black children after hearing Herschel’s monologue about vampires and werewolves are too afraid to go to sleep without the lights. And it’s even worse for white children. It’s been revealed that they’ve started a birther movement. After learning that their parents voted for Herschel, they wanted to see their birth certificate. They believed they had to have been adopted. They knew their real parents were smart enough to not vote for a  man proclaiming to be a werewolf.

If possible, someone needs to enlighten Herschel. Tell him  that in the movie about vampires and werewolves, you kill the vampire by driving a wooden stake through its heart.  You kill the werewolf by shooting it with a silver bullet. But in his case, you kill a fake werewolf with votes.

Attorney General  Garland recently appointed a Special Counsel, Jack Smith, to lead the investigation of Ex-president Trump. Isn’t it interesting that a significant part of his  investigation will focus on attempting to determine what was Trump’s intent and state of mind as it relates to the stolen documents? Fortunately, Herschel has already revealed to voters his  ill intent and state of mind.



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