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After 36 years of being on earth, wisdom has finally revealed to me that it is okay for friendships to change as we age. Year after year, I fine tune my friendship circle evolving and pruning where necessary. Losing old friends and embracing new ones can be disheartening, especially when Facebook memories reveal relationships that were once so deep yesterday that cease to exist today.

Friendship pruning use to be depressing and would bring me personal turmoil, but nowadays, I look forward to evaluating my friendships annually around my birthday. Maybe, it’s a Virgo thing, but in an effort to preserve inner peace, nothing can be stagnant including friendships. Although, we are all busy with dynamics of being entrepreneurs, spouses and working parents, we must find ways to pour into each other professionally and personally.

Inspired by a girl’s night with two-time author Carol Lynn, I was reminded that true friendships are the very threads that construct our social fabrics and make life worthwhile in many regards. In fact, friendships are likely some of the most important relationships one can have, yet they are often times the most fickle. However, according to atlantic.com, our friendships are a result of the choices we make. “Friendships are unique relationships because unlike family relationships, we choose to enter into them. You wouldn’t go months without speaking to or seeing your significant other, but you might go that long without contacting a friend. Yet friendships are about having “Somebody to talk to, someone to depend on, and someone to enjoy.”

     Sus: Is your friend cheering you on and celebrating your wins? I love a friend that cheerleads when I win. Nothing is more special than the friend that is genuinely happy for your large and small accomplishments. Event planner Sabrina Moore, Insurance Agent Daisy Alexander, Social Media Manager Suzzette Turnbull minority construction liaison Dudly Etienne are friends that celebrate my wins as if they are their wins. If a friend seems uninterested in your growth and elevation, it may be time for separation.

     Sus: Are your friendships healthy and honest? No-thing is more special than a friend that can be honest with you and tell you the truth in love. Caron Spence has loved me through some tough times. Chanel Walker has remained through he says, she says. Spoken Word Artist Elaina Whorley has delivered hard truths, and even in distance, now living in Thailand, Poet Tracie Bacon manages to deliver loving truths through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype.Unconditional love despite our faults keep us humble and inspires us to become better members of society.

     Sus: Is that friendship making you happy? Friend-ships are about good vibes and positive energy. When cultivated properly, genuine friend-ships are based in love not motives.

In Duniamagazine.com, the writer details that “Friends make us happy, secure and they bring sunshine into our lives.” I am grateful to creative talent Monique Williams, Saxophonist Keenan Pinkney, marketing guru Jimmy Nickerson and financial expert Donna Lynn. These friendships bring nothing but pure joy and happiness.

While most people can count their friendships on 1 hand, mentioning names in this edition of On the Scene could prove problematic, as I have more friends than the average person. Whether you have one friend or 100, friendships are an indication of our ability to love and be loved. It’s a reflection of our ability to build and maintain intentional relationships. It’s social currency, so check in and say, Hey Fam: We Good? Let’s Take a Selfie.

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