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How to enjoy a rainy day

Bobby R. Heny, Sr.

How to enjoy a rainy day

Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.                     Leviticus 26:4 (ESV)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      During a rain storm have you ever sat in the house in the dark or turn off everything and listen to the rain and thunder and watch the lightning through a peak in the window?

     You had to survey the storm away from the window, cause grandma use to say, “boy you better get away from that window and go sit down some where while God is doing his work.”

     While God is working was a required time that nothing should be done except sitting quietly in a corner reading the Bible.

     And please don’t forget you could never be in a crowded room during a thunder storm because heat draws lightening and we all know- us Black folk can surely generate heat.

     We had to witness the awesome power of God’s working through a small opportunity in a window; that way, we could take in a little bit of God’s glory at a time.

     As I experience thunder and lightning today, I’m still in awe and incline to viewing it from a small secure opening away from a large window.

     I have come to realize from what grandma said about being in a crowded room during a rainstorm, I equate with having a personal relationship with God.  

     Once I was able to come from behind the small crack and examine the storm in full view, the hairs on my arm and head stood in complete reverence to the magnitude of His command of EVERYTHING. Now I am able to bow and give way to fear to the uncompromising resolute of His marvelous purpose.

     I do believe that if we were to embrace the teachings of what our grandmothers shared with us concerning our conduct while God is working, we would be further along our way to a better relationship with Him.

     Look out the window while you are in the midst of a serious storm and notice how the heavy rain pours. It has its rhythm as it dances across the scenery and sometimes it explodes like smoke booms.

      I’ve seen it come down so blinding as if you were in white clouds of steam like white gloved hands gently covering your eyes.

     All of this occurring while what flashes across the sky looks like Titians- sword fighting with god-like blades as the sparks jump from them with blinding brilliance.

     And then all of a sudden the heavens burst wide open- sounding like a SONIC BOOM, reverberating to earth’s core.

     Frozen, you become aware of how the wind, blowing through the trees, appears to startle them and they succumb as their limbs and leaves give way to being robbed by this unseen gangster.

     Slowly the storm subsides, and now you are able to dance between the raindrops.

     Totally amazing just to be sitting watching, in silence and seeing God’s work; it is something remarkable. It really, really reminds us just how small we are in the total scheme of things.

     How to enjoy a rainy day; simply sit back and watch God work!

     Just when we think we have control, the power of nature will out maneuver us every time… “Lord, in the magnificence of the rain I see life. In the sound of thunder I hear Your voice. When lightning flashes the totality of Your wonder still reminds me that You are more than that.

 —Bobby R. Henry, Sr.


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