Human Sex Trafficking Growing the Voices of Our Future

Cheap Xanax Bars Cheap Xanax Bars The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to featured these editorial contributions made by local students.

Brielle Henry, 10

Purchase Xanax Online Purchase Xanax Online Alprazolam Online Canada Alprazolam Online Canada By Brielle Henry   

Buy Alprazolam Powder Online Buy Alprazolam Powder Online Last week, I sat in a town hall meeting at the New Mount Olive Church hosted by Dr. Rosalind Osgood, School Board Vice Chair. I learned how important the 2020 census is to our community. I also learned about human sex trafficking and how much it affects many young girls in Broward County. It was scary to hear how many children become victims for money. The majority of kids are being trafficked by their own family members. I feel that we as a community could try to do better to make our neighborhoods more safe — like looking out for each other and reporting when we think someone is being trafficked. I really hope that it will stop so that we can live in peace. If you think someone is a victim of sex trafficking, please call the National Hotline at 1-888-373-7888  or text 233733.►-dates-2013/?share=facebook►-dates-2013/?share=facebook
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