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If You Don’t Play, You Can’t Win. If You Play, We All Win.

By Commissioner Barbara Sharief

Winners, winners everywhere. You’re invited to play too, because we need everyone to know that Conservation Pays. Between now and April 30, you can Play Conservation Pays and win cash and prizes. Better still, when you show what you know about conservation, climate change and sustainability, you’ll earn points to win the big cash prizes. Tetra Tech is sponsoring our winners with first place earning $5000 in cash. Second place is $1000 and third place $500. They also have hundreds of prizes that will be awarded randomly throughout the game.

It’s fun to play but there’s a bigger point here.

When we work together to conserve water and energy, to protect water and air quality, we make a big difference. Small changes matter. In fact, the Broward Water Partnership—which is Broward County and 17 municipalities—supports those changes with $100 WaterSense® high efficiency toilet rebates. Some areas even offer free aerators and showerheads to conserve water. These small changes have already saved over 2 billion gallons of water throughout Broward County. It’s easy to apply for a rebate, too. You can do it online or print out an application and send it. Just make sure you follow the instructions.

Working together, playing together, together we get more done.

We want you to play Conservation Pays to win cash and prizes.

We also want you to play Conservation Pays, because you’ll find all the things you can do to save money while protecting environmental resources. When we do that together, we can say we have done our part and we all win. Here’s a code word to get you started: WestsideWins19




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