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In the life: Aunsha Everett-Hall

In-The-Life-Aunsha-Everett-In The Life: Aunsha Everett-Hall

    One in a series of photos and stories from “In The Life,” a story series about the life experiences of Black gay/bi/same-gender-loving/NGC and trans men, told in their own words as part of the #30DaysOfHIV campaign

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be a dad. But on July 16, 2016, our home welcomed a two-month old baby girl. Delicate and beautiful, I found myself in complete joy and happiness as I stared with unconditional love for this tiny being. Over the months, watching her continuously grow and develop has been meaningful and impactful. I am seeing the world through her eyes and understanding the gift of happiness – her happy smile warms my heart. Being a dad has allowed me to begin forgiving my own childhood pain as I have come to learn that we all come into this world with good intentions but with limited capacities.

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    Aunsha Everett-Hall is the senior development manager for the Black AIDS Institute.


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