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India Arie performs tribute to Brandy

India Arie

India Arie performs tribute to Brandy


      Sure, Brandy’s fans think that she has a voice of gold, but the singer’s peers in the industry have also long raved about her vocal skills. At New York City club W.i.P on Thursday night, India Arie showed her appreciation of Brandy, honoring her with a special tribute during a launch party for the website True Exclusives.  “I don’t think you really get it! There are so many people that we hear and we are like, ‘that’s a Brandy run, Oh that’s a Brandy run.’”

     Apparently, India’s been a fan of Brandy for years, tracing all the way back to when a then-13-year-old Brandy appeared on the show Thea.

     “I never got the chance to tell you this but the first time I heard you sing, I was 18 and I was like who is this?” India said.  Then, recalling an old Thea promo that announced Brandy would be singing on an upcoming episode, India said that when the show finally aired, “I had my micro cassette ready when you came on and I taped it and played it back and back and back and back.”

     After India finished her speech, she launched into a rendition of Brandy’s’ song “He Is,” moving the singer to tears.


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