Is there a Hidden Fear of Donald Trump by Republican Representatives?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Ph.D.

Story written by Dr. P. L. Wright, Ph. D.

According to statistics all United States government Representatives have maintained a salary of One Hundred Seventy-four thousand dollars annually since 2009. Their salary comes from citizens Income taxes and other miscellaneous taxes also. Many Republicans do not wish to increase taxes on Corporations probably because some corporations support the Republican party   agendas financially. Just maybe Republicans are afraid if they do not support Donald Trump’s policies and his Belief that he won the 2021 election there might be a backlash from Donald Trump in some directed manner. This manner could indicate how Donald Trump controls the Republican Party to do whatever he wants them to do. Some Representatives may also believe they would lose their congressional salary and their position in congress. As well, some Republicans may believe they could be putting their freedom and possibly their lives in Jeopardy too in that process. Why are they still willing to follow Donald trump’s leadership. There has been   completed evidence of so many events that occurred is the truth. It has shown the opposite of what Trump is leading his followers to believe.  We as voting citizens of America deserve the right to the truth. Voting Americans also deserve the right to have a congress that follows the absolute truth. The American Congress should also follow the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of rights.  All American citizens should have the right to their civil rights, the right to equal opportunities and the right to equal and fair Justice. Our u. s. congress and other leaders in Juris Prudence and the United States Congress should create fair and just laws that do not represent a double standard.  This double standard is only to oppresss, and to control some targeted citizens as in slavery. These laws should also be legally enforce by our congress and our national police departments for the equal rights and the honesty and integrity for all American citizens rights.

Is this a true loyalty to Donald Trump or is it just a deep-seated fear of him?

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