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Dr. Phillip Wright, Ph.D.

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

Has the United States eradicated All forms of Slavery in 2020?

As a reminder for us all, African Americans are still subject to have to fight for their equal rights to vote in their legalized or birth country of the United States in 2020. How and Why is that still a legal necessity? African Americans  are the only American citizens of these United States who still have to continue to fight for the right to vote. Can there still be Illegal or Legal Slavery in the United States during  2020? It is now decades past the slave era, and now we are in the year of 2020. Let us stop entertaining hidden slavery and include all U. S. citizens as the African American legal citizens of whom they really are. We must  all realize that our Forefathers created the Bill of Rights  and the United States Constitution for every citizen to have equal, fair and equal justice in these United States. United States Government Officials, are you aware of this hidden and destructive slavery still festering bringing back the slavery from the past? The change is up to you elected officials.

How can we expect other countries to trust and believe in our Democratic Governmental Society  in the United States if all citizens are not honored and treated as legal citizens? Try to look into your conscious and find the integrity, Honesty and the Peace that should be there for you to create and pass a bill of Fairness and equal Justice to eradicate all hidden slavery still festering in the United States. The decision can be made legal in a Government bipartisan Session with Republicans and the Democrats, for all American citizens and adopted by the United States Supreme Court Justice too.

I am still Just Thinking but now hoping and praying.

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