Just to add to a true Black History Fact.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Story written by Dr. P. L. Wright Sr. (Ph.D.)

Did you know that John Hanson, a Black man, was the first President of the United States 1781-1782? He was asked by George Washington if he would accept the task. He agreed and John Hanson became the very first President of the United States assembled Congress under the Articles of Confederation. He created the Department of Treasury, the Department of War, he created the Presidential Seal, and he Proclaimed the Day we all call Thanksgiving, after he named it that for the month of  November.

You can find more of this information on your Smart Phones about John Hanson and his extraordinary family lineage. There were also 6 other Presidents after John Hanson, who also served a one-year term as did John Hanson.   George Washington was the 8th President of the United States in 1789-1797, which is also a Constitution Fact. On some sites of your smart phones you may be able to find the names of each of those 6 Presidents listed before President George Washington.

Thank you for accepting my tid bit of Black History Information for February 2020.

Thanks, Gentlemen, for enlightening me with this information, To 2 of my personal Late friends: The Late Dick Gregory and the late James Baldwin  (previous neighbor in New York City) Miami, Florida.


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