Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation is truly disheartening

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Need to get out and vote in November 6 general election is imperative 

By Donald Lee

It’s truly frustrating — sickening, in fact — to know that one can put his trust in the American judiciary system and continue to get let down time and time again. It’s disheartening beyond words to see people with grossly unfair agendas make it into positions of power, positions they use to oppress others while advancing the causes of those who look like and think like them.

I watched the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in which then-U.S. Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by President Trump, was so agitated by legitimate questions from committee members that he was unable to contain his anger, often lashing out under questioning. And then there were questions that he just flat-out refused to answer, giving only blank, bewildered-looking stares.

No one can make me believe that Kavanaugh, who has since been confirmed to the highest court in the land, would tolerate in someone else the misconduct he exhibited during the hearings. He was totally unprofessional, totally out of order, totally unbecoming of an adult — much less a judge, especially one who has as lifetime seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Shame on me for being naïve enough to think that an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations brought forth against Kavanaugh by Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford stemming from a 1982 high school gathering would mean anything significant.

Below is an excerpt from an article produced by news and opinion website Vox:

The bureau agreed not to interview Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of sexually assaulting her, or to respond to many people stepping forward with new information. They agreed not to follow up on possible lies Kavanaugh is accused of telling in his Senate testimony. And they made other concessions unknown to the public or even Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

   According to the New York Times’s reporting, White House lawyer Don McGahn made sure relevant questions went deliberately unexplored because, he believed, “a wide-ranging inquiry like some Democrats were demanding — and Mr. Trump was suggesting — would be potentially disastrous for Judge Kavanaugh’s chances of confirmation to the Supreme Court.”

   At the end of the one-week deadline, the FBI handed a document to Congress that didn’t seek to clarify seriously the veracity of the accusations against Kavanaugh, but its existence gave Republicans the cover they wanted to back him anyway.

As Ford sat before the committee, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, told her, “I want to thank you for your courage and I want to tell you I believe you, and I believe many Americans across this country believe you.

“And what I find striking about your testimony,” Harris said, “is (that) you remember key, searing details about what happened to you.”

Another profound statement Harris made as she addressed Ford was that she was impressed with the fact that she passed a polygraph. And Ford didn’t just come out of the woodworks with her allegations. But she, in fact, shared years ago with her husband and therapist what happened to her.

The fact that this guy was accused of something so horrendous and that there has been no serious, thorough investigation or prosecution of him speaks volumes about how crass this nation can be.

Friends, madness like this is the reason why it is so important for Americans to vote in every election. It is especially imperative for those of us who find ourselves victimized by legislations that impact us in the most negative of ways to get out and vote.

We must vote out of office delegates who are supposed to have our best interests at heart but who fail us because they simply don’t care about us. We must be thorough in our understanding of what’s going on in the world of politics, that world in which laws are being created to build up one group of people and tear down another.

We must vote for political candidates who have our best interests at heart. We must know who they are as soon as they announce their candidacies for office. Thorough research about them and what they stand for is a must.

Know their records, how they have voted on issues. And then we must make sound decisions when we cast our ballots.

For example: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In the upcoming Nov. 6 general election, he will be vying for the most votes as he is challenged by Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat, who staunchly opposed the Kavanaugh confirmation.

O’Rourke definitely has my vote. Cruz doesn’t need another term in office.

Get out and vote, folks.


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