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King Tides expected Oct. 24-31

high-tidesKing Tides expected Oct. 24-31

Flooding has been reported in two southern US states over the last two weeks after record rain in Mobile, Alabama, along with “supermoon” high tides in Southern Florida.

Fort Lauderdale continues to experience King Tides. Flooding in low-lying areas is more likely in the fall months, as the close proximity of the moon, high tides, rising sea levels and inclement weather conditions can combine to exacerbate flooding risks. As a coastal community with numerous low-lying areas and 300 miles of canal coastline, Fort Lauderdale neighbors are advised to be especially vigilant from October 24 through Halloween and again from November 24 to 27, when tides are expected to be at their highest levels of the year.

While the City maintains an extensive stormwater master plan and is instituting both aggressive maintenance and innovative adaptation solutions to address drainage- including the installation of tidal valves- the location and natural topography of the City makes neighborhoods susceptible to flooding. Remember that flooded streets may be covered in either fresh or saltwater. Please take caution whenever driving on flooded streets. When in doubt, turn around.





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