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Love Equals an Empty Tomb

Love Equals an Empty Tomb

By Jacqueline Sheppard

On the heels of the Easter holiday, the stage play, “Love Equals an Empty Tomb” marked the ninth year of the Hallmark Production by Bible Out Loud Ministries. This was a special treat for an eager crowd that awaited the opening on March 25 at Mt. Hermon AME Church located in Miami Gardens. Many waited with anticipated patience to hear just how the familiar story of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection would be brought to life. This was truly an awe inspiring event that captivated the audience by not only the heartfelt emotions that came across with each song, but by the narrator’s ability to draw you into the story, carring you along for the journey.

Love Equals an Empty Tomb  showcases some of the best vocal talent in South Florida, led by Antonia Wilson of Legato Vocal Ensemble, along with world-class dancers and Mime, led by Genevieve Harris of D.C.L.A.R.E Ministry & Visual and Performing Arts Community. Powerful songs  correlated with the narration, making the story come alive in our hearts and minds. The harmonious gospel choir and soloist, combined with a live band featuring South Florida’s very own Melton Mustafe Jr.’s accompaniment, helped to further make the play a memorable experience.

But what most captured the attention of the audience was the intense, yet soothing narration of Christal Walker, a Master Story Teller who took the audience there and made you feel the presence of the Lord.  She made you feel like you were being told the greatest story ever told by an amazing  close friend. Alicia Daniels of Greater Faith CCHL stated, “you couldn’t help but to feel like she was having an intimate dialogue with each of the viewers all at once.”  Her recitation of the scripture was impeccable, making the audience visibly astounded. It made viewers feel proud and left the venue with an new excitement for the Word of God.

Educator and Public Speaker Angela Peterson stated that Love Equals an Empty Tomb was an amazing message of hope for all who need to know who Jesus is. Believers and unbelievers were given the opportunity to reflect and appreciate the power of this story-telling that inspired everyone to hear God in another light.

Love Equals an Empty Tomb delivers the word of God in a personal and powerful way. What a wonderful and unique way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an experience I’m sure audience members won’t soon forget. The message in the end was one that encouraged everyone to go forth and boldly proclaim the gospel to every part of the world.


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