Mary don’t you weep

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Mary don’t you weep

By Lucius Gantt

Oh, Mary don’t you weep. Tell Martha not to mourn.

There’s no need for America’s Black communities to boo hoo about the stunning victory by President Elect Donald Trump in the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

If you were poor during the years of the Barack Obama presidency, you will be poor during Trump’s turn. If you didn’t get any government contracts then, don’t look to participate in federal purchasing transactions now.

If, over the past eight years, you, your family members or your neighbors were stopped, frisked, profiled, pulled over, over charged, over prosecuted, beaten, shot and/or killed, there will no need to dream about different treatment.

If you’re “Tony Romo” and you get replaced by “Dak Prescott”, the Dallas Cowboy NFL team is the same, the plays are the same, the owner is the same and the league is the same.

It’s like that in politics. The job is the same. Personalities will differ, styles differ, temperaments differ, there is a difference in racial makeup, but the political game plan remains the same.

No matter who is president or who is elected president, the Commander in Chief will always do what his campaign contributors tell him to do!

If you don’t know by now, save this column to understand how government works.

No president keeps his campaign promises. They can’t.

Congress makes the laws. The President only signs them. Congress appropriates the federal dollars. The President only proposes allocations and expenditures. The President can appoint a Supreme Court Justice and maybe other federal judges, but the President can’t force a judge to consider or rule a certain way on any piece of legislation.

Yes, the president can make some executive decisions, give pardons and things like that, but he can’t raise a Black Village or a single Black child.

No matter who is president, African Americans will always have to depend on themselves!

We have to make our own money, generate our own revenue and create our own job opportunities. We have to police and protect our own neighborhoods. We have to educate our own youth and others in our communities that seek knowledge and wisdom.

We have to make our own decisions about our community. We have to control the politics in our community and abandon fake leaders that are merely puppets of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

We have to plead our own cause. We have to support Black owned newspapers, TV and radio stations and Black internet sites and talk about what’s important to us and write about what’s important to us and run away from so-called mainstream media like a runaway slave running away from the plantation!

How many times do you have to be politically misled, punked, jacked and bamboozled before you stop politicians from lying to you, using you, abusing you and taking your campaign contributions and giving your money to political vampires that suck the political lifeblood out of Black communities?

The party that you love got about 90% of Black votes cast but only felt like they should spend less than 2% of campaign money you contributed back to businesses in your neighborhood.

When you cry and moan about a political party that takes for granted the political support of its most loyal base and feels sorry about losing candidates that feel you are professionally inferior, you’re not only a political idiot, you are a traitor to your race!

Stop feeling mad about Donald Trump. Trump is no different than your neighbors, co-workers, health care providers, teachers, professors, church members and others that voted for Trump!

Start feeling good for yourself, about yourself.

Whatever Trump does as President  regarding African Americans, only the poor African Americans will feel. Rich Blacks will enjoy Trump’s proposed tax cuts!

Don’t worry about Trump, UNITE!

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