Miami Dolphins: Why Adam Gase Might Be the Right Move

Miami Dolphins new head coach Adam Gase.

Great Expectations?


There are no expectations. There are no hopes from fans. There is only the NFL Draft. That’s the only thing that fans are happy about in South Florida when it comes to the Miami Dolphins.

There is only nothingness in the air and it’s not the worst odor to smell. For the Dolphins, they’ve had to have the bitter taste of a disappointing 6-10 losing season. After failing to live up to expectations which were given to them by everyone around the city, this team has to now think about next year during a time where they should be thinking about competing for Super Bowls.

Those expectations weren’t too much to ask, and the playoffs isn’t a goal that should be hoped for, it’s something that should be expected every single year. That’s the attitude that fans wanted to hear from the new head coach, and with the hiring of Adam Gase, they might not have to wait too long before it gets fulfilled.

First There Was Adam

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

A lot of fans will have to wait to see if this was the right move, but according to football minds across the league, Gase was the right choice because he’s one of the bright young football minds in the game. In fact, because the Dolphins hired the 37-year-old coach, he is now the youngest active coach in the league.

“Adam had a great impact on me during our three years together here in Denver as my quarterbacks coach and then as offensive coordinator. He’s an extremely hard worker, a grinder. He’s extremely bright on all things football, an excellent communicator and always eager to learn more. He asks a lot of questions and writes everything down. I’ve always been impressed with his work ethic and his eagerness to learn more. He’ll be an excellent head coach, without a doubt. He is ready for this for sure”

– Peyton Manning

On the other hand, the opposite of the people who might be a little excited because the Dolphins have a new head coach, others feel it was like another slap in the face from the organization to hire a new leader a week after the last regular-season game. It was a bigger slap especially when coaches like Hue Jackson, Chip Kelly, Kevin Sumlin, David Shaw and Darrell Bevell didn’t even get an interview for the job.

The move was especially surprising because this was the fourth coach in a row after Cam Cameron, Tony Soprano and Joe Philbin without prior head coaching experience. That was like beating a dead horse to the Miami Dolphins fan base because this team is ready to win now.

Finally Some More TD’s?

Nevertheless, we all have to see what Gase will do as the appointed leader of the team. Thankfully Gase already comes in with a plan to help Miami’s biggest flaw, the offense. As an offensive mind that led the Denver Broncos, and the Chicago Bears, Gase already understands that he’ll need to work with Ryan Tannehill and bring out the best in his game as he did for Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow.

“We are going to look at the roster we have right now and build our schemes around our players. So as a starting point, you look at what my background is on offense, we’ve run multiple things. We are a very fluid offense. But we are really going to base this thing around the guys that we have on the roster and what we add on there. So we are at the very beginning stages obviously with that.”

– Adam Gase

Working with some of the best quarterbacks in the league only helps the case that Gase might be able to work with Tannehill. This case is unique as well since Tannehill, unlike Cutler and Manning, is a mobile and athletic quarterback. It should be interesting to see how Gase going to call his own plays during the game to help Tannehill succeed as a player.

“I feel like I’ve been doing it for the last three years. I really enjoy it. I really enjoy that aspect of putting the game plan together with the offensive staff. So going into this season, that’s how we are going to start, with me calling them” 

– Gase

Fans might not know how they should feel having a new head coach with no coaching experience once again. But what we do know is that hiring Gase and bringing him into Miami in some type of capacity wasn’t a bad move. We’ll have to see if he can get that offense to move.

D’Joumbarey A. Moreau covers sports in Miami-Dade & Broward County. You can follow him on Twitter @DJoumbarey

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