Mitt Romney and family plotting to win the election

Dr. P.L. Wright, Ph.D.
Dr. P.L. Wright, Ph.D.

Mitt Romney and family plotting to win the election

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

     Tagg Romney a-long with his family and their investment company HIG has purchased electronic machines that will be used in the November elections. Mrs. Romney, their son Tagg and the brother has direct association with the equity fund called Solamere. They are major investors in the investment firm called HIG Capital, and they have purchased many of these electronic machines to distribute in multi states to count the votes. The Heart Inner-Civic company owns the electronic machines that are many times faulty in hits use to count the votes after an election.

    However, it should also be a conflict of interest for them to have their investment firm associated with in anything to do with the Presidential Elections since Mitt Romney is actually running for the office of the presidency.  I can assume that Mitt Romney and his right-wingers would do anything to win the office of President of the United States.

    This is something that should be immediately investigated thoroughly before Nov. 6, 2012, in order to find the direct conflict of interest by Mitt Romney and his family in the coming elections in November 2012.

    How can we trust the Romney family so closely associated with the control of the results of the elections. These electronic machines can be re-programmed to illegally accommodate by redirecting the votes for the candidate of their choice when counting the votes in the election. Incidentally their choice would preferably be Mitt Romney. This attempt by Mitt Romney and his right-wingers to win the election needs to be stopped immediately and deemed as illegal in any election voting for local city, county, state or government office seats by anyone in the family of, or by the candidate himself through any type of direct association with the election.

    Has the United States become a country of the rich overthrowing the poor to maintain subservience to the rich, as in a dictatorship? The Romney family should not be permitted to get away with this type of illegal campaigning.

    I can remember growing up and studying in public school in the United States, this was once called communism when any entity or specific party tries to win an election by using any means to win. Let us all wake up and take action against any illegal practices in political or social activities.

    Those who are found to be using any of these practices should be caught, held, and charged with a crime against the peoples’ right to vote their conscious by illegally interfering with the Democratic process to function freely.


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