Mitt Romney ends ‘trust me convention” with tepid speech

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney ends ‘trust me convention” with tepid speech

By Roger Caldwell


    The Republicans have ended their convention, and they believe that they have hit a home run. The convention was short on details, but long on promises, and everyone who spoke made it clear that President Obama did nothing for three and a-half years.

    Romney has been running or seeking the Republican presidential nomination for six years, and last week he accomplished his goal. Even though, Romney is his party’s presidential nomination, many of the Republican leaders are not sure where he stands on certain platform policies.

    When Romney was a Massachusetts Governor, he was considered a moderate Republican, and one of his biggest achievements was the passing of his Romney-care health care act. He was able to work with Ted Kennedy, and the Affordable Care Act is modeled on Romney’s health care plan. It would appear that he would be proud of his record, but instead of embracing his record, he is moving away from his achievements.

    At this point, Americans and Republicans are asked to have faith in Romney and Ryan’s plan, even though there have been no details on how they plan to improve the economy, and create 12 million jobs in 4 years. Republicans have a tendency to start war, and near the end of his speech Romney appeared to be saying that America needs to be the greatest military force on the planet, and no country will push our country around.

    Ann Romney started the convention by declaring “you can trust Mitt” and that appeared to be the basic premise and essence of the convention. As Ann Romney was telling the convention goers that they could trust Romney, Paul Ryan gave a speech with distorted facts and undocumented information.

    Paul Ryan said that President Obama was the greatest threat to Medicare, but the President did not make cuts to Medicare.

    The President made cuts to provider reimbursements, to improve cost efficiency and improve the financial outlook of the program. Ryan also said that President Obama didn’t save a General Motors plant in Wisconsin, but the plant closed before the president was in office.

    As the Romney and Ryan ticket campaigns, trustworthiness will remain an issue, be-cause it appears that credibility is not important to the Re-publican candidates.

    During Romney’s speech, he told heart-warming stories’ that showed he was not a corporate raider and vulture. But somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind there were still questions about his income taxes, his off-shore accounts, and his time he spent at Bain Capital.

    During both Romney and Ryan’s speech both candidates gave the impression that they wanted to protect women, seniors and the weak. But Romney and Ryan are advocates of repealing the Affordable Care Act that is improving the health care of millions seniors, women, and the sick.

    In the Romney and Ryan budget plan Medicare would be bankrupted early, they would cut taxes for the rich, cut education funding, and many other important federal programs.

    Throughout the entire “trust me convention” there was a misrepresentation of facts, and there was no uniformed theme or message during the convention. Senator McCain said “I trust him to lead us,” and he used the word “trust” seven times in his speech.

    But after his speech, many American were confused and concerned because he talked about increasing the military budget, and being more aggressive militarily.

    Romney is a chameleon and at the convention he ducked the hard questions and issues. At his “trust me convention” there were many smoke and mirrors, but there is still a question, “Will the real Mitt Romney stand up?”


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