Mitt Romney reasoning for wanting to keep the same failed policies of the past

By Dr. P. L. Wright, Ph.D.

I will start with the bottom line and the reasoning of Mitt Romney’s policy decisions. The Senate Republican party refuses to agree to bi-partisanship with the House Democrats on President Obama white House Policies. It is no wonder it is said that the President has done nothing to change the old way of doing business in congress. The House cannot do it all alone without the Senate Republicans agreeing with them on the policies. Some of those policies will keep everyone in the congressional White House transparent to the public. The President’s Policies would be still in place and would consistently disclose by law all of their financial dealings that could possibly show some illegal financial transactions and
undercover dealings with tax payer money.

I hope the American Tax Payers can see through the smoke screen of the Partisanship of the republicans and Mitt Romney’s rhetoric and his Poor-man Richman policies. Mitt Romney plans to push them on the American tax payers if he is elected to the Presidency this election year. He is actually being bank-rolled by Wall Street who has a number of his rich friends. They are supporting him because Mitt Romney is trying to make sure that President Obama does not win a re-election as President which will ultimately keep the regulations in place to monitor the rich and every Politician in office to be financially transparent to the people and our Government.

He is so out of touch with the aver-age tax payer that he did not know that there were more whites on food stamps than Blacks.

If he succeeds in winning the Presidency in 2012, many of us will be back in the early days of Civil Rights again and everyone will suffer in America except the rich as it is now.

Our American tax payers are more informed on the game of Politics and are extremely cautious since electing the Republicans who now control the congress. The congress has not agreed to any of President Obama’s’ policies since his election in office.

The absence of bi-partisanship in the White House between the Democrats and the Republicans is destroying our American form of Democratic Government for the American people.

If the American people do not make the right decision when they vote this November 2012 to elect a U. S. President or re-elect President Barack Obama, we will all feel the wrath of being poor and in dangerous territories where we now live.

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