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Momentum of change vote!

Terry A. Williams-Edden

Terry A. Williams-Edden

VOTING is our Fundamental Right and a measure that dictate our society. A Movement that begin with the suffrage and abuse of women and our ancestors. This is a lasting opportunity for young and old alike to parttake in generational change that will be felt throughout a century as God and man reconstruct our governments, our courts, Reinstitute the ideas of Justice, Due process and Fairness. Ridding a system of false evidence for locking up our Black youth that intentionally take away Voting rights where Lady Equality has positioned herself in never letting go.

Voting is a sequential door that leads to the pathway of a dark and scientific future not seen and we must renew our commitment to voting and treat it like a business and a way of “Balancing the Scale of Justice” in a judicial system where we fight the evils that plagues our legal system that refuse to automatically restore the Civil Rights of many, and impede improvements in our creating a world class economy, a balance educational system, providing real access to quality healthcare and a leveraging stability of economic opportunities.

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