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Being surrounded by nature brings a sense of peace and calmness to the soul, especially when grounded. No matter where you are experiencing the outdoors, the color that permeates your vision is green in most places and seasons. We definitely get an abundance of green, living in South Florida no matter what time of year. We are beings of the Earth, hence the saying “From the Earth we come and to the Earth we return.” Naturally we are connected to this land that, when green, symbolizes life.

Each color in the color spectrum has its unique vibration or frequency that we respond to naturally. Different colors affect us differently.  This fact is known and used in business. For example, the color yellow or orange is a common color for fast food logos as they are colors that make people hungry. The color red makes you passionate and energized. Combine the red with the yellow and you have passionately hungry people going to businesses like McDonald’s. Restaurants and businesses with a health centered focus tend to use the color green as with Whole Foods.

There is a reason we are surrounded by green living on Earth. There is a reason why the color of the heart chakra is associated with the color green. There is a reason why the government decided to make the color of dollar bills green. Thinking about the power that money has over our living, some people truly consider money to be what is needed to survive although we were taught that the necessities are food, water, and shelter. Acquiring money has become a “natural” endeavor as the color green expresses. Looking at money from a chakra green perspective, we can better understand how we get to the “Love of Money”. For the love of money, people will do a lot of things unfortunately. If money were a different color, would it have the same effect on us over time?

We cannot talk about the color green without addressing the beautiful green plants that give us life, clean the air, and purify the oceans and other waters. Leafy green plants get energy from the Sun through photosynthesis. Because of how our bodies process foods and maintain health and immunity, increasing leafy greens and whole foods into the diet is better for most to increase the overall health of the body. That is the green that the body needs. Most juicing establishments offer some sort of “green” juice on their menu as the chlorophyll is needed for the body.

Green is color that represents life and the living. Farmers want to produce healthy green crop. Sometimes we take the leaves for granted although they have so much power! Leaves identify our fruit trees when they are not in season. Leaves hold great properties that we get in our bodies when we drink teas made with fresh or dried leaves. Growing up in South Florida, no one ever explained how mango leaves can help with blood pressure. Something so plentiful isn’t being used to its potential as we wait for the yearly harvest of juicy mangoes. Be mindful of the healing that is present in the green.

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