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My Crossroads

Poet’s Corner

My Crossroads

Written by Ronald Berry

 I’m told my mind is my most powerful weapon

And through my life’s trials I have learned many of lessons

I was sitting at the crossroads of freedom and equality

Enslaved for the color of my skin to a life of no quality

I was a slave to man, I had no voice

I was placed on an auction box I had no choice

Stripped of everything they could take from me

But my God had a plan to set me free

I suffered, yet I was blessed, I struggled and still I was blessed

I knew through my valley experience God would deliver me out this mess

My crossroads gave me strength and yes my faith was tested

The blood was shed for me and in me God is fully vested

He created me in his image and said he would supply my every need

That’s why I stand on Gods Promises I have been set free in deed

My crossroads of freedom and equality made me who I am today

Let us never forget our history of the great men and women who paved the way


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