Necessities for Children

 Pure Passion. Pure Joy.

Sarah deBoer-Hjort, MAS, President & CEO, Master Advertising Specialist

      Passion. Purpose. Persistence. Many of us have never gone a day without food and water, clothes, bed to sleep in, roof over our head, ability to attend school or medication when sick. We live a blessed life, rarely giving our time and continued support to those who are in need, even in our own community. Having traveled to Kenya in 2011 as part of a medical team, I achieved ESL CELTA certification and traveled back to Africa in early 2016 for a 10-week teaching internship with Mully Children’s Family. Necessities for Children is a 501c public charity status with a mission to provide intervention and support to homeless, struggling and disadvantaged children through tangible assistance, including food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education. No longer content to do just a little bit when possible, in May 2018, I resigned from a corporate job to devote my entire time and skills towards making a difference in the lives of struggling youth. Anti-bullying and cyber-bullying have been a specific focus on our education to youth. Through collaboration with ABSOLOOT and Life Sports Fitness, we offer a Kits for Kids and Reading Program aimed to educate youth through comic books on Anti-bullying and environmental awareness.  Daily, we strive to motivate youth and adults alike to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, get involved in their local community, and be a leader by example to those around.

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