Florida A&M University Plays Key Role in Medical Marijuana Research  

Florida A&M University (FAMU) has a unique opportunity to educate Floridians about medical marijuana and its use as an alternative health remedy.  In 2016, the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2, was approved by 72 percent of the state’s voters.  The legislature approved funding for FAMU to “educate minorities about marijuana for medical use and about the impact of the unlawful use of marijuana on minority communities.” […]


Epidemic of Missing Black Girls

“One thing I think for sure about the missing teens is that human trafficking is a hotbed in my city [and around the country],” said Psychologist and Navy veteran Sheri Davis, who lives in Madison, Alabama. “I think it’s very easy for the courts and police to turn their heads the other way and not deal with the problem at hand.” […]

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Heroes of Broward

Her work in social work has improved the lives of every child and parent she counsels. These children have grown up to become lawyers, doctors, and even graduated high school with the help of her counseling and work within her community. […]


Black Owned Distillery Coming to Fort Lauderdale

     Victor Harvey says he wants to be remembered as “a visionary.” Currently, he has his sights set on opening South Florida’s first Black owned distillery, due to open early next year in Flagler Village. The facility will not only produce the signature Victor George Vodka but will also manufacture rum, whiskey, and gin. […]

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Noose Display is Terrorist Act

       Recently, the Burberry fashion house apologized for featuring a hoodie with a noose around the neck. Apology not accepted. Featuring the noose was more than an insensitive fashion faux pas. Displaying the noose was a deliberate reminder of global white supremacy’s dominance over nonwhites, especially Blacks. […]