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One day, AIDS will be history

ONE-DAY-AIDS-1One day, AIDS will be history

Let us envision that future as we commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1. From that moment on, millions of people will remain healthy and alive every year to take care of their families, work and build their communities. Overcoming AIDS will rank among the most difficult struggles of humanity and one of its greatest triumphs.

Let us remember that we are inextricably bound together by this epidemic. Regardless of geography, creed, ethnicity or economic status – AIDS affects all of us. The fate of a young girl in India who is receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART) and is well enough to attend school, or of a boy in Uganda whose HIV positive parents stay alive to raise him into a man, inevitably impacts the kind of world we will bequeath to future generations. It is our collective responsibility to “Keep the Promise” on AIDS until that hopeful time when December 1 becomes a victory day over this deadly epidemic. Let us honor those who have passed on, as well as those fighting today. This year AIDS Healthcare Foundation marks its 30th anniversary – we have been on the frontlines from the start. With nearly 840,000 clients in care in 39 countries, AHF will continue to fiercely advocate for free access to ART for all who need it, for free condoms and fair drug prices, for access to health services for girls and young women, and for the worldwide implementation of Test and Treat, for as long as it takes – join us as we fight on!

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