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Ordinary workers make billionaires

Kevin Palmer

By Kevin Palmer

Ordinary worker exploitation is the billionaires’ secret to success. According to a January 22, 2018 press release titled, Richest 1 percent bagged 82 percent of wealth created last year – poorest half of humanity got nothing, “Eighty two percent of the wealth generated last year went to the richest one percent of the global population. Billionaire wealth has risen by an annual average of 13 percent since 2010, six times faster than the wages of ordinary workers.

It is the ordinary worker that is being exploited by the greedy corporate parasite. “In the U.S., it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year.” Unfortunately, ordinary describes the average worker in the Augusta metro area since the majority is working nonliving wage jobs. A quote by Leo Tolstoy describes how the billionaire feels  about the ordinary worker, “I sit on a man’s back choking him and making him carry me and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means – except by getting off his back.”

Having a job does not mean the end of poverty. According to Mark Goldring, Oxfam chief executive, “For work to be a genuine route out of poverty, we need to ensure that ordinary workers receive a living wage. If that means less for the already wealthy, then that is the price that we – and they – should be willing to pay.”

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