“Our children do what we do, not what we say;” :The severe need for ‘CIVILITY’ in the political process in our community

Ruth Carter Lynch
Ruth Carter Lynch

“Our children do what we do, not what we say;” : The severe need for ‘CIVILITY’ in the political process in our community

By Ruth Roman Lynch

     “We survived slavery because we held onto one another.  The moment we found independence, we began to commit suicide.”  ——Dr. Tesehloane Keto

     Writing this op-ed puts me in a humble state of despair.  Some of the actions of my fellow colleagues and candidates were absolutely appalling.  There were many young people working the polls in various camps which I think is wonderful, especially since a significant number of them were college students and every dime makes a difference. The electoral process is a time of education and enlightenment for our children and quite a few left there saying they would never become involved in politics. I know some of you don’t think that you are role models, but once you thrust yourself in the eye of the public-political or otherwise-you become a role model; whether you like it or not. To my fellow sisters, society holds us to a higher standard and we have to act accordingly.

     The recent actions by some of our leaders were unconscionable. There was a female-elected Commissioner who is currently in office using profane, inappropriate, and obscene language unbecoming of a lady. It is not remotely all right to discuss selling your body in the front of our children or anyone else for that matter. Moreover, police interventions became the norm at the African American Research Library. I want to make a personal plea to the women in this community to dispense with character assassinations. No one has to do anything negative to us; we do it for them.  Trust me, I know that everything goes in politics and if you don’t have any viable scandals, they will create one for you. What I witnessed on the campaign trail and at the polls was not political taunting; it was downright hate mongering and stupidity.  At some point in our lives, we should not be willing to do ‘anything’ to win an election. I take personal responsibility for my team members and can guarantee that no one on my team took part in any of the shenanigans. 

     According to Dr. Tesehloane Keto, there is a metaphysical principle that says whatever we do to someone else, we actually do to ourselves. This principle supports the golden rule, “do unto others.”  We forget this and when we do, we create an imbalance in our own being. When we malign another person, we are talking about our self.  When we deal dishonestly with someone, we are cheating our self.  When we abuse, neglect or abandon another, we are doing it to self.  Why? Because we are connected by the one Creative source. This source creates a responsibility for, accountability to and dependence on one another.  The moment we allow the self to believe it can do without other people, we create the kind of loneliness, depression and disconnection that makes life not worth living.  And, we wonder why our community is so disconnected and discontented.

     People ask me, “Mrs. Lynch, why do you continue to be a part of the political process with all the forces working against you?”  My answer is, “This is the only process we have and believe it or not, you can get more done inside the process.” There is a systemic movement to always keep us out or to make sure that only a few of us get in, especially here in Broward County.  You see, they know what I know, “When we come together as a people, we are unstoppable.”  What I love about my community is that we are an emotional, loving people. I am going to be Black for the rest of my life and frankly don’t expend too much cerebral activity on others.  All I know is that this is America and with hard work and great character, you can achieve anything you aspire to.

     Am I disappointed that I did not win the election; absolutely! The art to being a great politician is knowing how to lose gracefully. There is always the next time. I am a proud, strong, Christian Black Woman and going to Heaven is single file.  My prayer everyday is, “God help me to so live, so that those that know me, would want to know You because they know me.”  Remember, “What you do speak so loudly, I can’t hear a word you say.”

     Ruth Roman Lynch is 1st Vice Chair, Broward Democratic Party and Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. Ruth is married to Robert L.  Ruth continuously draws upon her experiences as a mother, executive, mentor and coach to many young people around the country.  Ruth has a reputation of being very passionate about the plight of our children and members of the under-served communities.



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