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Our domineering matriarch, Jeannette Bennett, ’96’

OUR-DOMINEERING-MATRIARCH2Our domineering matriarch, Jeannette Bennett, ’96’

      Mrs. Jeannette Bennett, born Feb. 11, 1920, in Gough, Ga., Burke County, to Willie and Mattie Morris. Mrs. Bennett relocated to Broward County at the age of 16, where she has resided for 80 years. She has lived in Larkdale for 53 years and is one of the original residents for the West Ken Lark development.

Bennett was a domestic caregiver for Mark and Julie Jeffords, and cooked for the wealthy, serving many parties for over 60 years. She was allowed to hire her own serving staff to assist her as Head Chef.

Bennett met her husband, Ned Willie Bennett (K.C.) in 1947. This family included seven children (two of which have been called home to glory): Pearlie Mae Ashley, Willie Mae Lakes (deceased), Johnny McCullars, Maeida Brown, Inmon Bennett (deceased),Virginia Smith, and Cassandra Bennett.

God has blessed her to live 96 years and see five generations. Being assisted by her daughter, Cassandra, she is still cooking and baking pies. She’s still able to dress and take care of herself, to God be the glory.

Bennett has 14 grand-children, 32+ great-grand-children, and 29+ great great-grand-children.  She is a member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Jimmy Witherspoon, her great-grandson.

Bennett, known to her family and neighbors as Ma Bennett, Grandma or Ms. Jeannette, thanks God for her long life and is in her right mind.  She says the key to long life is to have faith, trust and obey God. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 27, the Lord is the light of my salvation whom shall I fear?

As one of the oldest residents in Larkdale, Mrs. Bennett is respected and loved by her family. A woman of great wisdom, she is a funny person who always keeps you laughing. Sharing is one of her ways of living. If she can help somebody she surely will, even at 96.  Whatever she can give she will.

This is our domineering matriarch.

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