Pink slip Governor Rick Scott, says Florida Watch Action organization

Pink slip Governor Rick Scott, says Florida Watch Action organization

By Roger Caldwell

     Florida Watch Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the progressive movement in Florida. There are a number of political organizations in the state, such as Awake Broward, Broward AFL-CIO, Organize Now, Teamsters in Florida, Florida Department of Corrections Officers, and Teachers Union, who agree and support the “Pink Slip Rick Campaign.”

     It is essential that African American Churches, African American Organizations, and African American Community Organizations in Florida collaborate and build coalitions with these progressive political organizations around the state. The general election in November is critical on the national level, and essential on the local and state level that more Democrats win.

     The progressive group Florida Watch Action has launched a new website,

     “ReferendumOnRick.Com, highlighting the 80 GOP lawmakers who have voted with Scott 100 percent of the time. I applaud Florida Watch Action for taking a stand and letting Republican politicians know the state is not for sale to the corporations with the deepest pockets.

     Governor Rick Scott and the state legislators have been financed by corporate front groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council, which works between lawmakers and corporations to craft conservative legislation. Our governor has vetoed programs for veterans, meals for poor seniors, minority programs, educational funding, and tried to privatize 18 prisons, where 4,000 correctional officers would lose their job.

     Polls indicate that Gov. Scott remains unpopular with Florida voters, and it is imperative that African Americans support the campaign by Florida Watch Action,

     “Referendum on Rick.”  In order to put pressure on Governor Scott, it is important to change the dynamics in the Florida Legislature, and put more Democrats in the Senate and House.

     In order to put more Democrats in the Florida Legislature, it is time for the minorities and the progressive political organizations to organize and mobilize and vote as a bloc. The Pick Slip Rick campaign must start in the election cycle of 2012 to build momentum to make sure he loses in 2014. As I write this article, Gov. Scott is growing and building his war chest for his re-election in 2014.

     It is very important that minority voters educate themselves to the significance of the Pink Slip Rick campaign and the new campaign Referendum on Rick campaign. As we get closer to the November election, the progressive organizations must be informed, and know what Florida lawmakers must be voted out of office.

     In the Referendum on Rick, the Florida legislators who voted with Governor Scott 100 percent of the time are called Rick Scott’s Pink Slip Puppets. These Pink Slip Puppets must lose their election where they can, and the ones that win must begin to feel pressure from its constituents.

     In the 2012 election cycle progressives and minorities must form coalitions, and leave no blanks on their ballots. From the federal level to the city level, voters must be informed and vote Democrat up and down the ballot. Make a difference and vote for progressive and forward thinking candidates.        


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