Presidential Bo Peep is losing his sheep

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

Little Bo Peep once lost her sheep and didn’t know where to find them. Well, the Bo Peep Commander in Chief appears to be losing some of his Black sheep and efforts to bring them back into the fold seem to be failing miserably!

If you read America’s Black newspapers, visit Black internet sites or listen to the conversations at the neighborhood barber shops and beauty salons the enthusiasm for Barack Obama’s reelection bid is far from what is was when he was elected four years ago.

Black bloggers, editorial columnists and political pundits are especially outspoken when it comes to discussing the attitudes of Black voters in regard to their interest and participation in the 2012 election process. Many Black media folks have been quick to point out how every racial, sexual, professional and independent voting group has gotten something specific that they wanted except for the President’s and The Democratic Party’s biggest and most loyal block of historically supportive voters, Black people.

Some people argue that African Americans catch more hell today in America than gays, Hispanics and white women ever saw, together and individually! We can’t get jobs, we can’t get contracts, we can’t get loans, we can’t buy houses, we can’t finance businesses and we can’t get justice!

Opponents of President Barack Obama even want the nation’s top policeman, Attorney General Eric Holder to face selective prosecution and somewhat trumped up charges for continuing a program that was begun under a previous Presidential administration.

When Obama was elected people around the world began to look at Black Americans in a different light. World leaders thought that if a Black man could be President of the United States, Black Americans could be qualified and able to excel in areas other than politics such as in science, medicine and philosophy.

Black Americans were even welcomed by traders to participate in previously all white professions like commodity trading where billion dollar transactions are commonplace.

But in the American political system, all Blacks are good enough to do is to vote. No Black man or woman is qualified to orchestrate or coordinate a Presidential election campaign, no Black is educated enough or smart enough to produce campaign media or to place a billion dollar campaign media buy. Hell, Black people can’t even cater and cooked chicken for a campaign lunch or dinner event.

Anybody can design and print a political campaign sign, that is, any-body but a Black person. If you did not know, the sign printers, or T-shirt maker, for a national Presidential campaign could easily make a million dollars.

I’ve said it before and I’ll write it again. The upcoming election will be closer than you think. President Barack Obama will need an extraordinary turnout of African American voters that in the very least must match the African American voter turnout four years ago.

The most apolitical Black person in the United States is fully aware that the people that a candidate spends money with during a campaign are the people the candidate will spend money with after the candidate is elected.

Trick Black voters once and it may be someone else’s fault but trick them, bamboozle them and mislead them time after time and year after year then it becomes the Black voters fault if they get no political gain at all and other less supportive voting groups get everything they want.

In the pasture, the sheep can always recognize and respond to the voice of the shepherd.

In politics, the Black sheep are never called. They are taken for granted and blamed if the political shepherd is beaten and ran out of office!

Michelle, help your husband out and tell him to do things for Black people like he does for everyone else and the African American press will be much kinder to his campaign. (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store, like The Gantt Report on Facebook and contact Lucius at

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