Pressing forward

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Who touched me?” Jesus asked. While everyone was denying it, Peter said, “Master, people are crowding all around and pushing you from every side.” Luke 8:45 (CEV)

What makes ironing easier?

While ironing/pressing my shirt I noticed reoccurring wrinkles, even though the iron was hot and I applied pressure.

What was wrong?

I added water for the steam and yet the wrinkles were still there.

I could continue to send my shirts out to the laundry, but I like ironing sometimes because it reminds me of growing up and how our mother made us do things that she says, “You will thank me one day”.

At this point I was thinking, “YEAH RIGHT”!

The more I ironed the more I thought there has to be another way for me to gain the wisdom and know how that mommy wanted me to get..

Yes, ironing does give me a chance to think and not necessarily about soothing thoughts either. Perhaps maybe, I should accidentally drop the iron.

Ironing that shirt brought back a whole lot of, “You will thank me one of these days”.

I thought about how we learn to mop the floors on our hand and knees, making sure that we didn’t miss a spot, but most importantly to my thinking, I truly would appreciate a mop.

Yes indeed, mom sure had a way of touching us and making sure there were good quality things that we did not forget.

We touched her back when we made her proud through our accomplishments.

Now here I was struggling to get through ironing this one shirt when I can remember having to iron five shirts and five pair of long pants for school on Saturdays.

What in the world was I doing wrong; I was forgetting something, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

When we are in the middle of a struggle it gets like that; we don’t think right.

Now here I am about to be late for work in need of a freshly ironed shirt and I’m stuck like a duck in the BP oil spill on the West coast.

Then all of a sudden, the light clicked-starch, all I needed was some spray starch.

After I sprayed my shirt with starch, the iron glided effortlessly across the material and the wrinkles fell out as if they were the last of the autumn leaves undressing the trees for the

You see had I given up I would have had to wear a not so good looking shirt, which would not have complemented my new suit and tie.

Pressing on, some times literally, will get you where you need to be – you just have to keep on reaching for something to touch and feel and hold on to.

Yep momma was right and thank you momma for teaching us how to press on. (This practice of pressing on is applicable to life’s presenting situations)

I Feel Like Going On

I feel like going on going on even though trials they may come on every hand I feel like going on. It gets dark sometimes but I feel, I feel like going on. Though trials on every hand I feel like going on oh Lordy on every hand I feel like going on. I’m going to go on no matter what sometimes you feel misguided sometimes you feel hurt but you’ve got to go on… By Al Green

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